2020 International Conference on Mechatronics Technology and Intelligent Manufacturing
Professor Chunming Li


Research Area: Mechanical Engineering and Automation

Research Experiences: 

Mechanical Principle

The velocity ratio formula of universal joint is deduced. The kinematic parameters of the configuration are derived. The method of marking direction is put forward to calculate the transmission ratio of gear train. In this paper, a mosaic method is proposed to solve the vector equation of unknown variables. The motion law of the cam follower of quartic polynomial is put forward. The dynamic simulation of several mechanisms is carried out.

Machine Design 

The vibration stability of machinery is defined, and the mathematical and mechanical basis of strength calculation is supplemented.

Mechanical optimization design

The blind walking method is put forward. Many optimization methods are proposed. The whole discipline system has been improved.

Mechanical Innovation Design

The definition of innovation based on subconscious theory is put forward. This paper puts forward a method of innovation by using the characteristics of memory. The method of mining innovative ideas is put forward. Six kinds of general innovation methods are integrated. A new theoretical system of discipline is put forward.

Fundamentals of Mechanical Control Engineering

Based on the vibration theory, the discipline theory system is integrated.

Machine Manufacturing 

The core concepts of vourious of machining technology are cleared, such as the processing technology of the cutting with abnormal temperature is closely related to molecular motion, vibration cutting and ultrasonic cutting uses the resonance, the working principle of ultrasonic machining is similar to the explosion shock waves.

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